Premium Pebbles

Burlington Materials specializes in supplying natural stone products. The company offers wide variety of product lines which include, The Premium Pebbles collection , Quarenza – The high Performance stone series, Granite, Marble & Semi Precious stone slab collection & Burlington Landscapes.

Polished Premium Pebbles


Premium polished pebbles offered by Burlington Materials™, can be used for garden and other outdoor applications. They are a perfect accent to any landscape project. We offer these pebbles in 7 colors and various sizes.

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Indonesian Premium Pebbles


Jade Pebbles are beautiful uncommon with a rustic look. They are used for stream beds, pond bottoms and decorative garden fill.

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Premium Natural Pebbles


Premium natural pebbles are offered in 10 colors and various sizes. They can be used for landscaping, ponds and ground cover

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Mexican Beach Pebbles


Mexican beach pebbles can be used for outdoor landscaping and for use as indoor accents. They have consistent color. They help soil retain moisture and prevent erosion.

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